Technology's Vital Role in Employee Giving Programs

It's not difficult to realize the integral role technology plays in pretty much all aspects of our lives. The fact that we carry access to the world wide web in the palm of our hand nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is a clear example of our dependence on it. So it's no surprise that technology plays a vital role in the success and impact of employee giving programs. 

Why Technology Is Important for Employee Giving

In our last blog post we took a deeper look at the various types of employee giving programs that currently exist. After examining the varying options it's easy to get a little overwhelmed and say, “These are all great ideas, but how does my company implement and manage these programs in an efficient and successful way?” That’s where we come in. 

An amazing employee volunteering program can end up falling to the wayside simply because the company did not use the right technology. Technology plays a vital role in the operation and success of employee giving programs because it can identify what works and what does not.

Keep in mind that while Microsoft can boast a participation rate of 65% in its matching gifts program, other giant tech companies have participation rates below 10%. It’s not that these other companies don’t have employee giving programs. Rather, they were unable to identify key factors behind their low participation, and they could not pinpoint the right programs or process their existing programs successfully.


Philanthropic software platforms like DonationXchange are no longer an option but a necessity for modern corporate entities in order to ensure their employee giving programs are successful as well as to document and track their corporate social responsibility efforts.

An effective technological platform will allow you to manage your giving programs efficiently even when you are running several programs simultaneously. Finally, software tools and platforms take you one step closer to a paperless environment, which saves time and creates a more sustainable workplace.

We are here to help you build stronger communities inside and out through effective and innovate CSR programs that make an impact.